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Rose was born into a Muslim family, she had a kind heart and many scars. Her father often beat her. She had no mirrors, she hated her reflection. Waking up early in the morning Rose used to lie in the bed for hours because she was afraid to move and wake her sister up. She knew every crack and dot in the ceiling. Her sister could beat her without any fault. The fear of being in Rose's place prevailed in her, and she chose to be strong and cruel, like their father was. Even a child can step on the dark side if he constantly lives in darkness, without knowing kindness. And only a few manage to keep the Light inside themselves. This is a true story, just a grain of sand in the vast desert of similar lives.
Every year, millions of children suffer from emotional, physical and sexual violence in the world. If you respond to violence with violence, it only increases. Hate will not drive away hate — only love can do that. The darkness will not drive away the darkness — only the light can do it. Even when it seems that there is no light, it is always there. Because we create the Light within ourselves.

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